Anatomy of a Consumer Confidence Report

There are a few major aspects of every consumer confidence report you should be able to find quickly.

Water Origin:

Every report will tell you the origin of the water, or where your water comes from. This could be surface water like rivers and lakes, and some get the water from aquifers, etc. It is always good to know where the water originally comes from.

How it is monitored:

This section will usually tell you the process your water treatment plant goes through in order to treat your water to make it safe for you. This can often involve filtration and addition of chemicals. This is where Disinfect Water’s DW Liquid ROS comes in to making your water better. It works better than many of the things being used like pre-chlorination, potassium permanganate, and more. It also makes filters work better etc. Just something to keep in mind.


Every water treatment plant does extensive testing to ensure the water is safe, and this section will often help you to understand the types and numbers of testing being done to ensure safety.


This will give you an overview of some of the contaminants in the source water that the plant is aware of that they know they need to address in the treatment process. This helps you to understand just how much goes into making your water safe.

Water Quality Tables:

This is the place most people look at, this is where the contaminants are listed and the levels of the contaminants. I will go into how to read this table in tomorrow’s post.

Extra Info and Contact info:

This is where you can find other information like general contact info about the plant, the manager of the plant, and general info about water in general and your water needs and awareness.