Boil Water Alert

Occasionally your municipality water treatment plant will issue a Boil Water Alert.

These alerts are for your safety and usually happen for a couple of different reasons.

Reason 1: Broken Water Main

Often a boil water alert will be issued because there was a break in a water line or pipe. When a break, which is out of the control of the water treatment plant, occurs the municipality cannot guarantee the safety of the water because they do not know what might have entered the water there. So a boil water alert issued for a break is a precautionary measure.

Reason 2: Issue at the Water Treatment Plant

When there is a test for quality of water that comes back as unsafe a water treatment plant will often issue a boil water alert in order to ensure that the water is safe. Once again this is precautionary and for your safety. This is a place where DW Liquid ROS can often help by addressing the concern the plant is having an issue with.

What to do:

When you are issued a boil water alert the best thing to do is to read it carefully and follow the instructions in the announcement. They will tell you how to ensure your water is safe as well as what to do once the order is over to ensure you are back to normal. Once again, this is not something to worry about, it is just a precaution to ensure your safety.