DW Liquid ROS - Food Industry

In agriculture, there is growing demand for increased performance, production, increased shelf life, and reduced “chemical interference” from hormones and fungicides.


Kill Bacteria at the Source

Use during your on-­site wash to kill bacteria like listeria and salmonella on the food immediately and extend the life of the food. The wash water can be re-purposed because byproducts of DW Liquid ROS are oxygen and hard minerals.

Pre-­packing wash

Add to your pre-­packing wash to extend the life of the food during transportation by eliminating bacteria.

Extend Shelf Life

Add to the shelf wash to increase the shelf life by up to three weeks.

Toxin free

No usual toxins are left behind like chlorine, DW Liquid ROS by products include oxygen and beneficial hard minerals.



Molds and bacteria are some of the most destructive elements for crops, both pre- and post-harvest.

DW Liquid ROS eliminates or prevents the growth of multiple microorganisms such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. These treatments are non-toxic and is effective significantly longer than the more commonly used chemicals such as formaldehyde, chlorine dioxide, or sodium hypochlorite.

Additionally, DW Liquid ROS has been shown to effectively prevent citrus canker infections and reverses the impact on infected trees.

Livestock and Fish

The quality of livestock is related to the quality of the water available. Treating well water with DW Liquid ROS decreases the presence of microbes in their environment.

Fisheries also use DW Liquid ROS to treat water entering ponds controlling algae and pathogens thus improving the health of the fish.