The key to knowing the quality of your water is knowing how to read the Consumer Confidence Report.

As discussed in previous posts, the Consumer Confidence Report, also known as a Water Quality Report, is a report o the condition of your water that all water treatment plants are required to provide their customers.

This video will help you understand the important parts of that report and how to read it effectively. (And yes that is a jack skellington sweatshirt, I take safe clean water seriously, but it does not mean I have to be overly serious 🙂 )

As mentioned in the video a few key things to look for are:

Terms and Abbreviations

This section helps you to understand the abbreviations used in the report so you know what you are reading. it also helps you to see just how diligent water treatment facilities are about ensuring you have safe water.


This is where the data is stored for the possible contaminants and what levels these possible contaminants exist at within your water.

TTHS and HAA5:

These are two important byproducts of drinking water disinfection that can be harmful. Reducing these is one area that DW Liquid ROS and Disinfect Water are extremely good at addressing.