DW Liquid ROS is a new, and better solution, for Water Treatment

Water treatment is a necessity for the world, and the tracking of water quality is complicated. With the number of dangers you have to test for on a regular basis like THMs and Haas5, you need quality solutions for decreasing microbes and organic matter in your water.

Comparison to Ozone

Most people in water treatment are familiar with the oxidizing effectiveness of using ozone in water treatment. DW Liquid ROS has similar effect without the significant start up costs that are associated with ozone. All DW Liquid ROS requires is a Metering Pump and an ORP Meter. DW Liquid ROS improves color, taste, odor, removal of organics and without the residual side effects of THMs and HAAS5 like other options.

Cost Benefit

Other than the significant cost benefit related to the start up expenses of ozone, there are other products currently in use that DW Liquid ROS is the cost benefit choice for water treatment over. A good example is Potassium Permanganate, which many treatments plants are using at the start of the process. DW Liquid ROS will have greater success and is less expansive per pound. DW Liquid ROS also doesn’t have the residual side effects and it is not something that organics could get used to so there is not a need for continuous increase of quantity like is the case for potassium permanganate.

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