DW Liquid ROS – Water Industry

DW Liquid ROS has multiple uses in waste and potable water treatment.


Potable Water

Drinking water needs to be clean, clear, odorless, and have a refreshing taste. Treating plants and storage tanks with DW Liquid ROS improves all those attributes by magnifying the capacity of the filtration process and providing a cleaner storage environment. All of this is accomplished without the expense of special equipment, without the hazards associated with other treatments, and without having to worry about excess product in the drinking water since effectiveness of DW Liquid ROS is measured by ORP and not quantity in the water.

Waste Water

Sewage and rain water have to be treated to meet environmental standards prior to being released back in the environment. DW Liquid ROS treatment eliminates biologic fouling of filters, which reduces cost and improves equipment longevity.


Taste and Odor Control

By oxidizing bacteria and removing H2S, the taste and odor of the water will improve.

Eliminate Contaminants

DW Liquid ROS eliminates both organic and inorganic contaminants at the cellular level.

Improved Flocculation

By breaking down cellular bonds and reducing contaminants to their base building blocks which will increase flocculation.

Reduce or stop Chlorine use

DW Liquid ROS has a longer residual effect which will help to decrease or eliminate the need for secondary processing agents like Chlorine.